According to Fintan Duffy, Managing Director of Re-Gen Robotics, 2021 is year that Oil Terminal operators are making 100% ‘no man entry’ robotic tank cleaning, their only preference for tank cleaning.

“We are delighted to see tenders now asking for 100% no man entry, as standard. As predicted, the industry is committing fully, to enhancing safety in tank maintenance and positioning it at the core of their safety strategy.

“By replacing confined space crews, they are seeing clear advantages for their terminals; fixed costs, reduced paperwork and permits, and no requirement for capital outlay, standby rescue teams or inhouse robot operators.”

At the end of last year, Re-Gen Robotics commissioned a global industry survey, to find out directly from engineers, managers and senior executives with responsibility for hazardous area operations, their preferred option for cleaning oil terminal tanks. The survey revealed that 86 per cent of respondents, expressed a preference for 100% ‘no man entry’ tank cleaning at their terminal.

Their main concerns were risk of death or injury (76%), followed by an environmental incident (61%) leading to their tanks being out of commission, for longer than scheduled. A follow-up poll in March 2021 saw that preference rise a further 2%, to 88%.

Mr Duffy explains that: “the demand for lower downtime and 100% guaranteed safety for their employees and their plant, is developing at high speed, so much so that we have commissioned a further two robots and trucks to meet demand.

“Once a client commissions Re-Gen Robotics tank cleaning services, they don’t look back. We solve all the problems of safety, manpower, time and effective utilisation of resources connected with cleaning of their tanks. Productivity is enhanced and oil tanks can be brought into operation again more quickly.

“If their tank clean must be urgently turned around, we can put two robots in a tank, further reducing cleaning time. We can also inspect the interior of the tank while cleaning it. This is a major advantage for our customers, as the tank will not be out of operation for any longer than it takes to clean it and decision makers can act quickly and confidently if a problem area is identified.”

Re-Gen Robotics’ tank localisation mapping system will be brought into service in the Summer. The inspection analytics software automates monitoring of the tank infrastructure giving up to date, reliable data for their clients.

Mr Duffy says that Re-Gen Robotics has built up the resources, equipment and support services to enable successful, reliable and guaranteed safe, robotic tank cleaning.

“Re-Gen Robotics has maintained its exceptional work record throughout all contracts to date. The speed and efficiency of tank cleans has resulted in an overall reduction of tank downtime, by around 45% and the team continually provide tailored solutions wherever there are challenges.

“Our service is exceptional and our expertise and innovative solutions make us unique in our sector.”

“Thanks for the professional job carried out by the Re-Gen team once again. The team are a pleasure to work with each time they arrive on site and their attitude, competency and expertise are to be admired.” Kaefer Site Supervisor

Published in Storage Terminal Magazine 2021

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