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As Re-Gen Robotics gears up to enter the European market, Managing Director Fintan Duffy says the skills, experience and effective communication of his team has been a key driver of the company’s success so far.

Since the launch of the company in 2019, we have invested £7million to develop a game changing solution to service oil tanks, unparalleled in terms of safety and delivery. So far, we have eliminated over 10,000 hours of CSE in tank cleans performed. Man hours are reduced, leading to an overall reduction in both accidents and health and safety incidents on site.

As the sole authorised provider of this innovative technology and service in the UK, what we have created is a market leading offering, supported by a fully equipped team with the expertise and confidence to take our business to global markets.

Following years of intensive research, representing the culmination of the teams’ skill, dedication, and commitment to safety, in May we were awarded Grant of Patent for our mobile tank cleaning apparatus by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office. The patent covers our atmospheric sealed operator workstation, all in one mobile vacuum tanker and apparatus, integrated cranage system, custom designed external and internal, adjustable hydraulic ramps and ancillary equipment for our robots.

It is personally rewarding and exhilarating to work with a group of people with the talent, passion and determination to develop the technology and service that is leading to the design of the next generation of class leading robots, in our sector.

At Re-Gen Robotics we have a very collegiate approach. Feedback is valued from all members of staff from Design Engineers, Robot Operators, Project Managers, Environmental Health & Safety Officers to the Marketing Team. These inputs are fundamental to the design of a system and service adapted to the variability of situations and to our operators’ and our clients’ requirements.

These designs are based on existing and evolving customer needs, where our new technology can bring them the highest returns, as well as provide competitive advantage. We stay close to our customers to ascertain what additional features we can create to create the most value for them. So not only do we value the team’s expertise on robotic design and operations, but we also prize their ability to build relationships and keep the lines of communication open with clients throughout the entire process.

Our system can be adapted to suit individual client needs and time frames – a one stop shop for safer, faster, and cheaper tank cleaning with measurably better results than traditional methods along with intelligent in-reporting capabilities to evaluate and improve the process for future cleans.

At the end of the clean, clients receive CCTV and intelligent performance reporting that helps monitor energy consumption and waste generation, vital for both conserving funds and running a cleaner, greener business.

Since we entered the market, we have created a growing demand for reliable, affordable and automated tank cleaning and monitoring solutions, but it is only through innovators, like the oil majors we work with that we can change the status quo in tank cleaning, making it a safer, faster and smarter process.

Following a year of sustained growth, we’ve built state of the art headquarters and created five more jobs in Admin and Design at our Newry head office. We’ll also be taking on an additional three crew members, who will be based permanently in England.

And we are not standing still with the development of our technology; we are working hard on several new patents that will allow us to carry out more and more diverse tasks remotely. By Q1 next year we’ll be in a robust position to roll out our tank cleaning service and technology to customers around the world.

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