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Solving the challenges of safety, manpower and time

Solving the challenges of safety, manpower and time

Solving the challenges of safety, manpower and time

Ensuring sound working practices is our highest priority at Re-Gen Robotics,
to strive to protect people and the environment. Our technological innovations
and new ways of thinking are all revolutionising the approach we are taking to
eliminate accidents, harm to people and to reduce the environmental impact of
our operations.

Re-Gen Robotics tank cleaning systems solve all the problems of safety,
manpower, time and effective utilisation of resources connected with cleaning
of oil tanks. Productivity is enhanced and tanks can be brought into operation
again more quickly.

We understand the complexities of the environments and our customers’ high
value assets and facility and with in-depth project experience in the most
hazardous environments we are equipped to meet and exceed all our clients’

Using Re-Gen Robotics tank cleaning solutions has very clear advantages for
tank terminals; Personnel who carry out manual tank cleaning are exposed to
physically and psychologically demanding shifts and increasing work demands and
constraints, over and above those experienced by your average worker. The
amount of man hours spent onsite on these activities, directly influences the
number of reported incidents and injuries.

Accordingly, using robotic equipment to carry out works in hazardous
confined spaces is the most logical and safe way to clean tanks. The number of
man hours onsite is more than halved and the requirement for rescue teams
outside the tank is greatly reduced.

Thanks to our highly standardised and self-contained operation process, the
cleaning schedule is very precise, allowing clients to reasonably estimate the
amount of time needed for cleaning any given tank.

Our unique, closed loop cleaning system can reduce cleaning time by up to 70
per cent, significantly decreasing downtime and loss of production whilst
storage tanks are not operational. The robots have the power to clean the
largest oil tanks with minimum hassle.

The entire tank cleaning operation is recorded on CCTV from the ATEX cameras
and is made available to the client upon completion of the works. All files are
date and time stamped to ensure the process is traceable for auditing purposes.

The innovations we are developing are based on existing and evolving
customer needs, we’ve set a new bar in safety processes and are receiving excellent
client feedback on service, quality and delivery.

When it comes to high hazard safety, nothing should be left to chance, at
Re-Gen Robotics, we’re providing a realistic and proven alternative to ‘man
entry’ tank cleaning.

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