Alexa Seleno

Pump down phase before robotic deployment🌎🛢️

Pump down phase before robotic deployment🌎🛢️

We take immense pride in showcasing our unwavering commitment to environmental protection and client satisfaction. Our current project is a testament to our team’s professionalism, ingenuity, and creativity.

⚡The image shown illustrates creation of a temporary ‘bund’ to ensure containment of oil, should there be some present when the flanged joint is broken.

🤝We are working in full collaboration with our client to address their unique challenges and deliver exceptional solutions.

🌿 We understand the importance of environmental responsibility, and our ‘bund’ solution is a clear reflection of our commitment to minimising environmental impact and avoiding loss of containment of client’s oil.

💡Our services go beyond the robotic removal of sludge from the inside of tanks, as you can see here This project also showcases our expertise in ‘pumpdown’ pre-robotic deployment, an added value that the Re-Gen Robotics team offer.

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