Case Studies

  • Shell UK Oil Products Ltd
    Shell UK Oil Products Ltd
    Re-Gen Robotics was commissioned by Shell UK Oil Products Ltd to clean two Jet A1 fuel storage tanks at the Shell Haven Terminal. Both tanks have a resin lining applied to the floor and 1 m up the tank walls.The ADR tanker was stationed 10 m from the tanks and the robotic equipment was craned into position. No scaffolding or bespoke equipment was required asRe-Gen Robotics supplied the complete system to position the robot in the tank.At no time during the entire cleaning process was there a req...

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  • Gas Terminal Tank Clean
    Gas Terminal Tank Clean
    Re-Gen Robotics was recently commissioned to clean two 15m tanks at a gas terminal, which refines and purifies gas from a gas field in the west coast of Ireland.The first tank scheduled to be cleaned contained methanol and the second tank contained condensate, a low-density mixture of hydrocarbon liquids present, as gaseous components in raw natural gas.The tanks were resin lined and contained a large amount of internal furniture including aluminium legs, skim arms and floating pontoons. The ent...

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