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What are the key benefits of using Re-Gen Robotics for tank cleaning?

Safety is the main key benefit of using Re-Gen Robotics.  Our tank cleaning solutions have clear advantages for tank terminals, including a reduction in paperwork and permits and no requirement for capital outlay like standby rescue teams, or in-house robot operators.

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Are you classed as a high-risk contractor?

No. As there’s never a need for a human presence in the confined storage container during the cleaning process, Re-Gen Robotics is classed as a medium risk contractor.

Is your equipment zone ‘zero certified’?

Yes. Re-Gen Robotics is the world leader in fully compliant, ex zone 0 rated, no-man entry ATEX tank cleaning robotics.

How long does it take to set up for a robotic tank clean?

From arrival on site, to the robot entering the tank will take approximately four hours.

How long would a typical white oil tank take to clean?

We would usually allow two/three days to clean a 30m diameter white oil tank.

Can you clean a floating roof tank?

Yes. Our specialised equipment is designed to operate around tank legs and furniture.  Our forward and rear facing ATEX cameras ensure we can see the location of any obstacles.

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How do you get traction on a steel floor?

We have a variety of tracks to maneuver on steel/lined/concrete floors.  Magnetic tracks can be used on slippery steel and lined surfaces.

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Can you remove heavy fuel oil?

Of course. Our explosion-proof robots are designed to operate in even the most inhospitable environments.

Each one has an auger system capable of breaking down heavy sludge without using water, meaning that it produces less waste. This sludge is extracted by an ADR-certified jet vac tanker, with an impressive 4,800 C/ mper hour vacuum capacity.

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Can you operate around heating coils?

Yes. Our offset suction head is a low-profile tool, allowing it to access underneath pipes and remove waste from below heating coils. It can also operate offset on the left, right, and straight-ahead positions.

This tool alone can decrease tank cleaning time by a remarkable 10-12%.

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Can the robot operate while fully submerged?

It can. The entire robot, CCTV, and lighting system are waterproof.

Can I retrieve my robot if it breaks down?

Yes. In the event of a mechanical failure, our robots can easily be retrieved via their umbilical cords, using our self-contained cranage system.

What’s the largest diameter tank you can clean?

Our larger robots can clean the biggest oil tank sizes in the world with no hassle, whether they’re tackling heavy fuel oil, crude oil, or sludge.

They fit through a standard 600mm entry hatch via an extending ramp and can de-sludge, wash, and clean large-scale fixed roof and floating roof tanks.

Have you any international recognition for safety?

Over the course of the last 2 years, our company has been recognised for numerous prestigious awards globally for our innovative work across the Oil and Gas Industry.

These included the Energy Industry Council (EIC) awards for Innovation, Sustainability and Company of the year.

We were also recognised at the Tank storage awards in 2020 for Safety technology award and most recently were awarded the Outstanding achievement award in 2022. This industry is evolving quickly and there is a real appetite across the board, for genuine no man entry tank cleaning

Will I receive a project report?

Yes. The entire tank cleaning operation is recorded on CCTV from the ATEX cameras, and will be available by email or a USB drive once work is complete. All files are date and time stamped for auditing purposes.

A record of gas detection readings is also issued on completion of each vessel cleaning, produced automatically by the onboard gas monitoring equipment.

Our intelligent onboard truck telemetry system allows us to collect telemetry data that can then be aggregated and analysed, in order to optimise the cleaning process.

The combination unit also provides real-time information on all key parameters which is fully accessible for clients to evaluate. Information includes:

  • Waste generation
  • Hours worked per day
  • Water consumption
  • Jetting pressures

Do you serve the whole of the UK, and Europe?

Yes. Our fully contained systems, including ADR jet/vac tanker, cranage, and robotics, are capable of travelling to anywhere within both the UK, and Europe. 

I’m interested. How can I get a quotation?

Please email or call us on +44 28 300 50 800 to request your free quotation today. Our team will be happy to discuss options and prices, with no obligation.