Alexa Seleno

How It All Began

How It All Began

Re-Gen Robotics was created to revolutionise safety in oil tank cleaning. 

Responding to the rising number of confined space deaths, Re-Gen Robotics started Europe’s first and only Zone 0, EX certified company providing no man entry robotic tank cleaning services, removing the need for entry into the tank.

Based on our knowledge and understanding of the industry, our research and development team have designed bespoke equipment to clean tanks across Europe in the oil, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sector.

During our time working with some of Europe’s oil majors, we have built strong relationships due to our reputable service and problem solving expertise. 

Working closely with our clients, we have designed one-off solutions to our equipment in order to adapt to the needs of the customer. 

Since inception, we have continually invested in our company through the development of our people and our robotic tank cleaning equipment.

“Every one of our employees is a spouse, a parent, a sibling, or a child. It’s our responsibility, as a company, to ensure that they return home safely after a day’s work – and we know our customers feel the same about their teams too!”