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Industries We Work In

Industries We Work In

Terminal Tank Cleaning

Whether we’re cleaning vertical, horizontal, overground or underground tanks of any size, our bespoke robotic cleaning equipment can operate quickly, safely and efficiently in even the most inhospitable environments.

Our no man entry tank cleaning systems also include specialized access cranes and remote control camera systems, and are built and operated by skilled engineers to ensure you get the best from our world-leading tank cleaning equipment.

At the end of the cleaning process, you’ll be supplied with CCTV footage and performance reporting from the operation, to help you monitor energy consumption and waste generation.

Depot Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning

Our bespoke Zone 0 robot can enter manholes as small as 450mm, thoroughly cleaning 360 degrees while recording the entire operation on a CCTV mounted, Zone 0 camera system.

Our tank cleaning process couldn’t be simpler to access, as our tankers can be parked up to 10m away from the robotic equipment being lowered into the tank. We don’t require scaffolding or any bespoke access equipment, regardless of the type or position of your tank.

Local Authority Tank Cleaning

Our range of robotic tank cleaning systems are all 100% no man entry and capable of entering a wide range of tank types, including pumping chambers, holding tanks, and settling tanks.

The equipment is lifted into position and operated remotely from a control room, completely removing the need for a human presence in the hazardous tank environment. All works are viewed using onboard CCTV, with the process recorded and made available on USB Flash drive once the clean is complete.

Re-Gen Robotics’ award-winning robotic systems make tank cleaning and maintenance safer, faster, and more efficient, not only meeting but exceeding current health and safety standards. We’re revolutionising the tank cleaning industry by removing all risk to human life during the traditionally hazardous cleaning process.

Pharmaceutical Tank Cleaning

Our no man entry, stainless steel robotic tank cleaning systems can be used to quickly and thoroughly clean almost every type of chemical or process tank in pharmaceutical facilities, whether they’re vertical or horizontal, over or underground.

Our industry-leading tank cleaning equipment is also supplied with stainless steel ramps to allow for easy tank entry, accessing manholes as small as 450mm.

The entire tank cleaning process is controlled by a remote operator, meaning it’s never necessary for a human presence inside the hazardous tank environment.

Once the tank is cleaned, you’ll receive a CCTV recording of the whole cleaning operation. All files are date and time stamped to ensure the process is traceable for auditing purposes. 

Oil Refinery Tank Cleaning

Our no man entry robotic Zone 0 tank cleaning systems remove Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Medium Fuel Oil (MFO) and have been used to clean oil refinery tanks around the world.

Fast and highly efficient, our robotic equipment makes easy work of solid materials with no chance of causing a spark inside the vessel, making it by far the safest way to clean your oil refinery tanks.

Using a Re-Gen Robotics system is also the most environmentally friendly way to clean your tank. Waste is removed under suction, without the need for high pressure water, as solid waste is broken up before being vacuumed into the tanker. It’s even possible to reuse the waste material produced, once it’s been passed through a filtration process.