Optimise your tank cleaning operations with Re-Gen Robotics

20 June 2023

As terminal operators strive to optimise their operations, the importance of efficient and safe tank cleaning cannot be underestimated. Traditional manned tank cleaning methods are time consuming, labour intensive, and pose challenging safety risks to workers, the environment, and communities.

In this context, Re-Gen Robotics has emerged as a game changer, offering innovative robotic solutions specifically designed for cleaning atmospheric storage tanks, thus revolutionising safety in the sector. Terminal operators are now embracing Re-Gen Robotics’ services because of the significant benefits it offers to their tank cleaning and inspection operations.

  • Superior safety: Ensuring the safety of workers is of paramount importance in terminal operations and forms a key element of most operators’ ESG reporting and commitments. Traditional tank cleaning methods carry numerous risks, including confined space hazards, exposure to toxic substances and major physical injuries . Re-Gen Robotics addresses these concerns by employing cutting edge technology that isolates humans from the need to enter tanks during sludge removal. The robotic system is remotely operated, allowing operators to complete cleans in the comfort of an air conditioned and insulated control unit at a safe distance from the tanks. By reducing the number of man hours onsite, terminal operators can significantly mitigate risks to workers, eliminating potential accidents and minimising occupational hazards.
  • Increased precision and quality of clean: The precision and quality of tank cleaning play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the material stored in the tank and the longevity of the tanks themselves. Re-Gen Robotics utilises state of the art technology, and patented cleaning systems, to ensure thorough and precise cleaning. Their robots are equipped with front and rear ATEX CCTV and LED lighting for easy internal tank navigation and inspection and the entire robot, CCTV, and lighting system are both Zone 0 certified and fully submersible. The robots are capable of reaching under tank furniture including legs and sumps providing a superior cleaning performance. The result is a higher quality cleaning process that optimises tank performance and extends their lifespan.
  • Cost savings: By adopting Re-Gen Robotics for tank cleaning, terminal operators can achieve significant cost savings. Automated systems reduce the labour costs associated with manual cleaning methods. Additionally, the streamlined and efficient cleaning process minimises downtime, enabling terminal operators to allocate resources more effectively. The enhanced precision and quality of cleaning help prevent corrosion and damage to tanks, reducing maintenance and repair expenses over the lifetime of the tank. Ultimately, the utilisation of Re-Gen Robotics’ services leads to a more cost-effective approach to tank cleaning, positively impacting terminal operators’ bottom lines.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Terminal operators face immense pressure to minimise downtime and maximise operational efficiency. Traditional tank cleaning methods involve manual labour, extensive set-up time, and the need for confined space entry. However, Re-Gen Robotics has introduced automated systems that streamline the entire cleaning process. The unique features of the robot make it ideal for cleaning storage tanks. A combination of specially designed 3500 psi jetting water nozzles, powered by a high-pressure low flow pump, play a vital part in the speedy cleaning process. By minimising manual labour and optimising cleaning procedures, terminal operators can significantly reduce time required to clean tanks, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. Increased speed and efficiency is also being delivered through the addition of mixed head injection systems which use cutting agents, hot water and steam to improve the pumpability and extraction of oil sludges. Re-Gen Robotics are in the process of rolling out new technologies that improve both sludge removal speed and reliability.
  • Environmental friendliness: Manned tank cleaning often involves the use of chemicals and large volumes of water, impacting the environment. Re-Gen Robotics’ closed loop circuit removes chemical usage and minimises water waste while maintaining high cleaning efficacy. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the company’s sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.
  • Adaptability and versatility: Re-Gen Robotics’ technology can be adapted to various tank shapes and sizes, no matter how dirty. Whether it’s fuel storage tanks, chemical tanks, or other liquid storage containers, the fully submersible robotic systems can be customised to meet specific requirements, making them versatile for different terminal operations.

In the pursuit of operational excellence, terminal operators now have the option to embrace innovative technologies that improve efficiency, enhance safety, and reduce costs. Re-Gen Robotics offers a compelling solution for tank cleaning, leveraging autonomous robots and remote operation capabilities to deliver superior results.

By adopting the state-of-the-art tank cleaning systems terminal operators can minimise their operations, improve safety standards and achieve significant cost savings.

Re-Gen Robotics offers a safer, more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly approach to tank cleaning, making it a convincing choice for terminal operators seeking to optimise their operations.