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Why Us

Why Us

Re-Gen Robotics is revolutionizing oil tank cleaning, with self-contained, no-man entry robotic systems that make the process safer, more efficient, and more cost effective than traditional methods.

Having received international recognition in the form of numerous Workplace Health and Safety Awards, we’re proud of the part we play in significantly reducing accidents, incidents and fatalities in hazardous, confined space environments.

Our robotic systems cover all aspects of tank cleaning in a range of confined spaces at refineries, pharmaceutical plants and in industrial or agricultural settings.

The reality of our industry, an industry we know like the back of our hands, is that we deal with hazardous petrochemicals and dangerous environments on a daily basis.

With all this in mind, we don’t just aim to meet current health and safety standards, we’re setting new standards across the tank cleaning industry.

The only service of its type in Europe, our primary focus is protecting your people. That’s why a human presence in a confined space is never required, making a once hazardous process completely safe.

Our self-contained system includes vacuum, jetting, cranage, and robotics, with nothing extra to hire or buy.  Our technical crew remain a safe distance from the tank, operating the cleaning system.  Progress is then remotely monitored through a series of ATEX cameras, fixed to the robot.

Our robots are designed to remove heavy fuel oil, crude oil, and sludge from some of the biggest tanks in the world, our cleaning systems are equipped for any tank cleaning challenge, no matter how big or small, simple or complex.

Our systems also have CCTV recording capability and inbuilt, intelligent reporting facilities to help you understand and respond to what’s happening inside your tanks. These can be easily adapted to provide bespoke solutions for your needs.


Reducing risk to life


Cleaning time is reduced by up to 70%


High-performance cleaning and intelligent reporting, in one

Our award winning robotic tank cleaning systems are ideal for forward-thinking, industry leading companies who want to protect their staff, save money, and adopt cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing many aspects of the tank-cleaning industry.