Why Use Robotic Tank Cleaning

It’s safer

  • We’ve removed the need for confined space entry, meaning there’s zero risk to life when using our robotic cleaning systems
  • Man hours are reduced, leading to an overall reduction in both accidents and health and safety incidents
  • Our robotic systems are setting new safety standards across the oil tank cleaning industry, eliminating the risk of injury or death in confined spaces.
  • In March 2020, we lifted the ‘Safety Technology Award’ at the Global Tank Storage Awards in Rotterdam, in recognition of our innovative tank cleaning technology

It’s more efficient

  • Cleaning time per tank is reduced by a staggering 45%.
  • Our self-contained system includes vacuum, jetting, cranage, and robotics - nothing extra to hire or buy
  • Less mechanical isolation as spading of tanks is not required
  • Less paperwork and permits required

It’s more intelligent

  • We provide ATEX lighting and camera systems for in depth, no man entry inspections
  • CCTV footage is recorded for every tank clean
  • Our trucks are fitted with an onboard telemetry system, as standard

Need more reasons for using robotic tank cleaning?

Take responsibility

  • Is your company leading the way in taking responsibility for employee safety?
  • Leaders in your industry are no longer tolerating manned crews in hazardous confined spaces, as the risk to life is too great to overlook.
  • Our robotic tank cleaning systems eliminate the risk to your corporate reputation by ensuring zero threat to life during the cleaning process.

Save money

  • Using our robotic cleaning system, the down time of your tanks is reduced significantly, as cleaning is 45% faster than using man entry methods.
  • Our no man entry system also provides the opportunity to make substantial savings on health and safety costs - for example, our system removes the need to have a CSE rescue team on standby.
  • Infrastructure efficiency means faster turnaround times and less disruption to daily terminal activity.
  • As manned entry is 100% replaced by robotic equipment, less mechanical isolation is required.


Environmental Management

  • Using our robotic tank cleaning system will significantly reduce your CO2 emissions, with less risk of on-site contamination due to human error.
  • Our systems also provide real time reporting of water usage and waste generation, so you can track your company’s environmental performance.