Alexa Seleno

Why Use Robotic Tank Cleaning

Why Use Robotic Tank Cleaning


We’ve removed the need for confined space entry, meaning there’s a reduced risk to life when using our robotic cleaning systems

Man hours are reduced, leading to an overall reduction in both accidents and health and safety incidents

Our robotic systems are setting new safety standards across the oil tank cleaning industry, eliminating the risk of injury or death in confined spaces.

Since 2019, we have eliminated over 10,000 hours of confined space
cleaning, with oil majors now recognising robotic tank cleaning as the safest option available


Cleaning time per tank is reduced by up to 70%.

Our self-contained system includes vacuum, jetting, cranage, and robotics – nothing extra to hire or buy

Significant reduction in downtime of tanks, leads to increased
efficiencies for the client

Less paperwork and permits required


We provide ATEX lighting and camera systems for in depth, no man entry inspections

CCTV footage is recorded for every tank clean

Our trucks are fitted with an onboard telemetry system which allows
us to report back to the client with real-time information on sludge
removed, water consumption, hours worked and jetting pressures
The robotic operator manages all aspects of the tank clean from our
dedicated control room through a series of ATEX cameras and gas
monitoring equipment


Is your company leading the way in taking responsibility for employee safety?

Leaders in your industry are no longer tolerating manned crews in hazardous confined spaces, as the risk to life is too great to overlook.

Our robotic tank cleaning systems eliminate the risk to your corporate reputation by ensuring zero threat to life during the cleaning process.


Using our robotic cleaning system, the down time of your tanks is reduced significantly, as cleaning is up to 70% faster than using man entry methods.

Our no man entry system also provides the opportunity to make substantial savings on health and safety costs – for example, our system removes the need to have a CSE rescue team on standby.

Infrastructure efficiency means faster turnaround times and less disruption to daily terminal activity.

As manned entry is replaced by robotic equipment, less mechanical isolation is required.


Using our robotic tank cleaning system will significantly reduce your CO2 emissions, with less risk of on-site contamination due to human error.

Our systems also provide real time reporting of water usage and waste generation, so you can track your company’s environmental performance.