engineering solutions for better working environments

Re-Gen Robotics is revolutionising oil tank cleaning, with self-contained robotic systems that make the process SAFER, FASTER and SMARTER than traditional methods.

robotic tank cleaning service

Re-Gen Robotics is the first and only Zone ‘0’ Ex-certified robotic tank cleaning company in the UK. As part of the Re-Gen Group, a second-generation, family-owned group of companies employing over 450 staff, we have consistently led our respective industries since the early 1970s. Engineering is in our DNA, and our commitment to innovation and technological advancement is key to our success.

Our company was founded to address the hazardous nature of traditional oil sludge removal from storage tanks, which has previously been carried out with manned confined space entry. Despite efforts to improve safety, the number of confined space deaths in confined space entries remains high. By implementing robotic sludge removal, we effectively isolate humans from these dangers, providing a safer solution.

Today, our robotic tank cleaning services operate across the UK and Europe, predominantly serving the refining and oil storage industry.

Tank Cleaning Service
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Our robotic technology sets new safety standards across in oil tank cleaning.

We have removed the need for confined space entries to de-sludge tanks, eliminating the risk of injury or death.


Cleaning time reduced by up to 70%.

3 operatives required, Site Supervisor, Robotic Operative, Jet/vac tank operator.

Less paperwork and permitting.

Reduces complex management procedures for site operator.


All aspects of process managed from control room.

CCTV recorded footage available.


Outage time reduced.

No damage to assets.

No compromise of integrity from other cleaning methods.


Reduction in water used during cleaning process.

Less risk of contamination due to human error.

Real time reporting of waste allowing site operator to track waste output.

Corporate Risk

By keeping employees and contractors safe on site helps achieve corporate ESG goals.

Isolating humans from significant hazards in tanks represents a step change in risk reduction for site operations.

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Engineering Solutions for Better Working Environments

At Re-Gen, our dedicated team of in-house engineers is committed to advancing our products through continuous research and development. We understand that every client location presents unique challenges, and we strive to create customised solutions to meet these needs.

Our state-of-the-art engineering and R&D facilities enable us to:

  • Enhance Performance: Implement modifications to boost efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Maintain High Standards: Ensure our equipment is always operating at peak performance.
  • Innovate for Better Workplaces: Engineer solutions that improve working environments.
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